Prayer and Meditation

Being Authentic

If we say that we have fellowhip with him, while we are walking in darkness, we lie and do not do what is true,
1 John 1:6


Wise Words

"What a man says and what a man is must stand together"
Maltbie Davenport Babcock


Have you ever wondered why God is so interested in us out of all His creation?
Have you ever stopped and thought about why He treats us with such esteem despite our wicked and weak nature? And why He loves us and continues to seek us even when we turn our backs on Him or hide from His presence?
Have you ever wondered why God continues to care for us and answer our prayers even when most of the times we are so proud to claim credit for our talents and accomplishments that we forget to thank Him and give back the glory which is really due Him?
These are the questions that I had as I listened to Laura Story's song entitled Grace. After I learned the song, I would sing it almost every night and contemplate on its lyrics especially the chorus part - the conversation between man and God:
"I ask You how many times will You pick me up, when I keep on letting You down? And each time I will fall short of Your glory, how far will forgiveness abound?"
I am reminded of my weak human nature and I feel the guilt of my sinfulness, my stubbornness - how can I be so hard-headed that I keep on sinning against my God? And yet every time I fall down, He never fails to extend His hand to help me up, to encourage me to try again?
"And You answered, 'My child, I love you and as long as you're seeking My face, you'll walk in the power of My daily sufficient Grace'."
I realized that God loves me despite my sinfulness, my human weakness, my inability to resist sin and temptation. As I revel at the lyrics of this song, I still could not comprehend how God can be so mindful of me despite my insignificance - I am a mere human being and God does not even need me, yet He created me in His image and gave me a crown of glory and honour and made a little lower than angels and put me in charge of all His creation! (See Psalm 8:4-6)
I am nothing without Him and He will still be God without me yet He cares for me as if I am the most important thing in the world? Why? Because He loves me! And He will continue to pour upon me His grace as a sign of His love for me - like the doting father of the prodigal son, God will continue to wait for my return and will always welcome me back with open arms - all I need to do is turn from my old ways and run back to Him!
by Sought After