Thinking Minds - Formation Institute

Mission Statement

Prompted by the Holy Spirit and faithful to the teachings of Catholic Church in harmony with the local Pastoral programs, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council (CCRC) offers a service that facilitates, educates, promotes with activities and resources the growth and development of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal throughout the Catholic Communities of Metropolitan Toronto as well as the Regional Municipalities of York, Peel, a portion of Durham as well as the County of Simcoe, a portion of the County of Dufferin and the Town of Orangeville.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council (CCRC) Formation Institute is committed to the teachings, traditions, and Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church which sought to provides the following services to Charismatic Communities (ethnic and covenanted communities), prayer groups, parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

  • It promote in evangelizing objective of the church as it provides support and coordinates training for lay ministries
  • It provides training equipping men and women for the ministry of the gospel, for effective leadership in the body of Christ.
  • It develops the character of the participants through spiritual training. and
  • It will also provide evaluation and gives recommendation to faith formation program

Target Group (Participants):

The CCRC Formation Institute Leadership Training Course is targeted at all Christians who want to go deeper relationship with Jesus Christ from all charismatic organizations. It is also especially intended for lay persons who participate actively in church work, for example as prayer group leaders and assistants, or youth leaders in the Archdiocese of Toronto, who want to endeavor their lives being formed in leadership within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The CCRC welcomes those who serve the Church within the Catholic Charismatic. It calls to strengthen the current leaders, new leaders, future leaders and empower and raising up a new generation of servant leaders. We invite young adults to grow in leadership gifts and allow the Holy Spirit to work through them in building up God's people. Some essential attitudes would include: a heart for the Church, an attitude of servant, openness to the charismatic dimension of the Church, and a willingness to interact with people.

How to Apply:

Potential candidates are people of all ages delegated from charismatic organizations who want to spend some time of their lives being formed in leadership within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

One will register by calling the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council at (416) 466-0776. Please give your name, phone number and e-mail address. You can also email us: Finally, participants will fill up the registration form at the place of formation seminar.

Participants Accounts:

All accounts are due and payable at the beginning of the term of enrollment to the Treasurer of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council. In case the participant has an inability to pay in full, the participant may choose the option of payment through the endorsed installment plan distributing the payments over some time. In addition, part of the requirements for the successful completion of a course is received payment. Detailed information concerning the payment schedule is as follows:

Formation Structure:

Each course is committed to being a truly charismatic experience. It offers sound teaching on Charismatic Renewal, practical help in exercising the charisms, and an immersion experience into a truly Charismatic lifestyle. It will allow the participants to evaluate the history of the church and days of leadership Training courses.

Module 1: Growth in the Spirit Seminar (GSS):

This module includes Introduction to Growth in the Spirit Seminar (GSS) such as, Loving God, Christian Love, Faith, Guidance, Overcoming the works of the evil spirit, The World and Christian Community, Overcoming the Flesh, and Repairing Wrongdoing.

Module 2: Discipleship & Magisterium of the Church:

Discipleship formation starts with Definitions of discipleship, traits of a disciple; becoming a Christ disciple, the cost of discipleship, struggles to fight the battle against inner and outer traits.
This is followed by Magisterium of the Catholic Church a solid doctrinal instruction in the hierarchy of the Church, theology, ethics, and philosophy. It is absolutely necessary to bring a mature ecclesial consciousness to the various Catholic charismatic communities in the world and must have good relationships with the Parish, Archdiocese and Charismatic Center.

Module 3: Christian Leadership:

Christian Leadership begins on the introduction, on what fruits that has to bear, who are Christian leaders, the calling, attitude/spirituality of Christian leaders, who are a true Christian leader, their characteristics, who are your elders and steward.

What are the characteristics of a mature person and qualification of a Christian leader, their responsibilities and the need of disciplinary action when needed?
Who are leaders of the community, the foundation of Christian leader, how do we institute Christian love, and how do faith be a part of our life and to grow in a Christian world

Leadership Example:
1. Modeling the way (Live by example)
2. Encouraging the heart (Intrinsic and Extrinsic Reward)
3. People Empowerment (Enable others to work)
4. Challenging the process (Accepting Challenges)
5. Shared Vision (Open Minded - Practice Teamwork and Collaborations)

Module 4: Speakership Seminar & Workshop:

The topic focuses on the cultivation of the Heart of a Servant Leader (Transformed Heart: Gal. 2:20).

It covers the presentation and facilitating skills such as Communication Model and Information Processing, Mechanics of Conducting a Presentation and Energizers. It will train how to manage their inner behavior such us how to manage Nervousness and their behavioral skills, their appearance, posture and Communication Skills. It also covers the communication effectiveness, body language and mannerisms, eye contact, Use of Aids

Information processing what is Implications to Presentation, their effectiveness, and how it is stimulated and sustained. It also presents the mechanics of Conducting a Presentation, how to Handling Questions, Use printed materials and Energizers during the Presentation.

Evaluation and feedback:

1. Very informative, inspiring and nurturing.
2. Wishes that all the Charismatic leaders and workers undergo these Formation Programme.
3. Wishes that this Formation Programme be given to all the Communities/Prayer Groups Level.
4. The modules and the sequence (1 to 4: Growth in the Spirit - Discipleship - Christian Leadership and Speakership) are very appropriate and excellent.
5. Wishing to have more of this kind of programme.
6.Resource speaker is very deep spiritually, knowledgeable in the subject matter, enthusiastic, lively and a good role model.
7. This Formation Programme is what is missing in many Communities/Prayer Groups.
8. Many says this Formation Programme strengthen their love, faith, commitment and service to God and to their Community/Prayer Group.
9. Those who managed to finish from Module 1 to 4 are so thankful, refresh and highly motivated spiritually and
10. We have to discern with our core groups how we are growing in all four dimensions. We have to branch out more specific areas of different modules.


We have names here some of the teachers who have given their precious contribution to the CCRC Formation Institute:

  • Fr. Matthias Yaw Kotoka Amuzu (Formation Institute Director)

We will be inviting resources speakers from the faculties of cardinals, bishops, theologians, pioneers in the CCR and renowned charismatic leaders.

Director of CCRC Formation Institute:
Fr. Matthias Yaw Kotoka Amuzu

Secretariat for CCRC Formation Institute:
Pauline Susanto