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CCRC General Assembly (September 23, 2017)

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Council of the Archdiocese of Toronto held its General Assembly last September 23, 2017 at Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic School at 99 Humber Blvd, York, Toronto. The General Assembly focused on the theme that "Make Straight the Path of the Lord" CCRC General Assembly started with an exciting morning of praise and worship by the Shalom Community led by Paula Mainardi with inspirational talks and listen to God's Word that are meant to set the fire in the hearts of Catholics Charismatics and other Christians so that they become more ready and willing to spread the good news into the world and proclaim their faith.
The first topic was "Make Straight the Path of the Lord" presented by Robert Raisp. The second talk by Fr. Matthias - "Prepare your hearts to receive the King and the last topic was "Mary is our Mother by Robert Raisp. It concluded with an Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Roberts. The participants at the assembly agreed that all persons are required to love God, and love others, our family, despite imperfections, before one can truly answer one's vocation, which is to give love, a love that can conquer all.

Mary is our Mother by Robert Raisp

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(Audio extracted during the CCRC General Assembly. Make Straight The Path of The Lord)